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The namelist of Wuxi Phonix Award unveiled with more than 30% presented by iPark enterprises

    Recently, the prize-winning namelist of the 6th  Wuxi Excellent Software Products “Phoenix Award” was unveiled, among which the software products from 4 enterprises of WND has classified with 3 enterprises from iPark, accounting for 75% of WND and 30% of Wuxi City.
    In recent years, iPark has actively encouraged technology innovation and supported the enterprises’ autonomous R&D to continuously improve the output capacity of intellectual property. In 2015, the software invention patent applications of iPark have reached 505 with year-on-year growth over 50%. In 2015, the software product recognition has suspended for about 1 year. Now, it is known from Software Industry Association that in March, 2016, the recognition of software products and software enterprises have all resumed. By then, there will be more recognized products from iPark enterprises joining the evaluation of “Phoenix Award”.
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