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TouTiao.com, the leading mobile internet advertisement enterprise signed and settled down in iPark

    On the afternoon of February 1st, Cao Jiazhong, vice mayor of Wuxi Municipal government met with the delegation led by Zhang Lidong, the partner of TouTiao.com and attended the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Wuxi Hi-tech Development Zone and TouTiao.com, accompanied by Zhu Xiaohong, the deputy director of the Wuxi Hi-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee, and relevant leaders from the Propaganda Department of the CPC Wuxi Committee, Industry and Commerce Department of Wuxi Municipal Government, Administration for Culture, Radio ,TV ,News and Publishing, the Propaganda Department , the Finance Department, the Science &Technology Department, the Bureau of Social Affairs, the Sub-Bureau of Indutry & Commerce Department and the head of Wuxi Software Park from Wuxi Hi-tech Development Zone.
    During the meeting, Vice Mayor Cao expressed gratitude to TouTiao.com for showing trust in Wuxi and finally choosing Wuxi among many candidates. In recent years, Wuxi has geared up to adjusting industrial structure, pushing enterprise transformation, promoting the development of emerging industries and asserted the development orientation of IoT、cloud computing、Big Data、Smart City、Internet +. In Year 2014, Wuxi Advertisement Industry Park has made key breakthrough in the area of Internet+ advertisement and was awarded with National Internet Advertisement Industry Park. The East China area boasts of good economic basis and great market potential. It is hoped that Wuxi TouTiao. Com shall become major business basis and converge more excellent teams. Wuxi Municipal Government, Wuxi Hi-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee and relevant functional departments shall go all out to support TouTiao.com to develop and grow up.
    President Zhang showed gratitude to Wuxi Municipal government and Wuxi Hi-tech Development Zone for the importance attached to and care showed to TouTiao.com. iPark has converged a batch of international enterprises and renowned companies. As the leader in mobile marketing area, Toutiao.com has showed the momentum of high-speed development since founded in 2012, which fits very well in the industry position and development vision of Wuxi Advertisement Industry Park. The management has decided to settle in iPark after prudent decision-making and hope that we can realize long-term and sustainable development. We expect to make greater contribution to iPark in the aspect of improving industry scale, creating atmosphere and converging teams.
    The 1st version of TouTiao.com got on line in August, 2012. As a recommendation engine product based on data mining, TouTiao.com boasts of one of the fastest-growing product services in domestic mobile internet areas, which has successively invested by SIG、DST/Yuri Milner、Sequoia Capital、Sina Weibo Foundation with accumulated tens of millions dollars of investment.  By the end of 2015, TouTiao.com has over 700 million downloads on the customer side with more than 350 million activated users and daily active user over 35 million for as long as 53 minutes of use time. The stream of TouTiao.com has surpassed the combined stream of the rest of news client side products except Tencent News client side.
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