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Wuxi IoT Industry Research Institute Becomes the only Main Editor Unit of International IoT Standard Architecture

On January 18th, 2016, global IoT standard work team (ISO/IEC JTC1 WG10) plenary session & 2016 International IoT Standard and Industry Summit was held in Shanghai, which is the first time for the ISO/ISE JEC1/WG10 affiliated with ISO/IEC International Standard Organization held in China. With its prominent contribution to the formulation of relevant international standards, Wuxi IoT Industry Research Institute has become the only main editor unit of global standard architecture. 
This meeting was attended by over 70 international IoT experts from dozens of countries and districts, such as China, ROK, USA and UK. From 2009 to now, Wuxi IoT Industry Academy has led or got involved in the formulation and publication of 6 items of national standards and 4 items of various international standards with accumulated 100 proposals. On behalf of China, IoT Research Academy has led 301041 projects approved and shall continue to shoulder the responsibility to promote the formulation of international IoT terminology and IoT reference system to maintain the dominant position of China in the international completion of IoT industry. The opening of this meeting in China marks the highest say of China in the area of International IoT areas further consolidated.
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